10 Ways Women Leadership Changing the Workplace Landscape in 2022

The last two years have been full of changes for workplaces. The pandemic has introduced various changes in the work landscape, one after the another that gave birth to new business ideologies and policies. 

Many companies have turned hybrid, full-time remote, and evolved socially due to the emerging changes. This, in return, has stimulated diversity and equality in the workplace. 

But between all these changes, a question remains unanswered – where does female leadership stand today? 

Things are lately different in workplaces, but are they different for C-suite women executives?

That’s a million buck question! So, let’s scrutinize it a bit.

Where Is Women Leadership Standing Today?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) might be theoretically a big part of modern workplaces. Diversity and equality are often preached and delivered on high podiums, but can we truly say that women’s leadership is equal in the organizations?

The answer is No. 

Female leadership is still not standing equal with male leadership anywhere around the world. According to different reports and studies, it is found that female leaders are yet to face many struggles to reach on top—

  • A McKinsey report says women are more burned out due to the pandemic. As a result, 4 in 10 women plan to leave their company or switch job positions. 
  • Only 6.4% of women hold CEO office in the US-based Fortune 500 companies. 
  • In the Pew research, 53% of Americans said that more men would hold senior-level positions compared to women in the future. 
  • In underdeveloped nations like India and Korea, policies and laws are in order to uplift female leadership, but society’s mindset is yet not ready to accept females as a leader. 

It is evident that the social and economic pressure is all-time high pressure on women leaders, but they are still not getting what they deserve. 

So, do you think the year 2022 will be a breakthrough for women’s leadership? Let’s figure that out. 

women in leadership roles
women in leadership roles

10 Ways Women Leaders Will Lead in 2022

Female presence at the senior table is still in the minority. But, things are indeed changing in workplaces for women leadership. However, the change is relatively slower, but the good thing is that women leaders are evolving. 

Companies understand the fact that diversity in the senior board is as important as line level. A new McKinsey report has shown that a lift in gender diversity at the senior level is equivalent to an increase in the data set. 

It is found that every 10% increase in gender diversity leads to a 3.5% rise in interest and taxes. That shows women’s leadership has a direct impact on the bottom line. 

Since it is established that women’s leadership is a cornerstone for economic growth, the next topic of discussion is how women leaders can uplift leadership norms in 2022? In which way can females better lead the workplaces?

After decoding COVID-19 impact on workplace recruitment and HR policies, we found women leaders engrossing in the following horizons:

1. Women leaders will be role models

Despite the low in numbers, there are still many empowering female leaders present around the world. That’s something you can’t find a few years back. 

Kelly Peller (CEO and founder of NextGenVest), Nina Tandon (CEO and co-founder of EpiBone), and Shirley Chen (CEO and founder of Narrative) are a few female leadership examples. These are women who are leading the companies and harnessing an equal environment for young women.

This shows that young women have many role models and influencers to look at and take inspiration to become successful leaders for tomorrow. These female leaders are creating a social-economic environment for new female leadership to freely enter the workplace. 

2. Sentiments will become a survival weapon

Stereotypically, it is considered that women are more empathetic and emotional than men. Objectively, women have higher social analytics capacity than men. 

That means women can better connect with people and understand their concerns. And that is something workplaces need after the pandemic. 

The workforce is driven by human-centric policies today more than ever before. Nowadays, the global talent pool, family-friendly work environment, and flexible schedules have become vital for employees. 

In this situation, women can help to normalize workplaces with their resilience and empathetic approaches. They can establish one-on-one connections with their staff to build a hybrid workplace for everyone to shine and grow. 

3. Women leaders will empower themselves

Women leaders will motivate and encourage other female senior staff members to evolve. In addition, since many women are in the position to recruit their own team members; thus, they will provide equal chances to females in the C-suite recruitment process. 

Amanda Richardson (CEO of Coderpad) says that the number of women CEOs leading IPO and funding will increase in the future. She added investors are open to investing in female-centric projects and have them lead the way. 

4. Innovative ideas will come forward

In the last few months, the buyer’s persona and purchase habits have changed to a great extent. Buyers are making digital purchases after thorough research and analysis today. 

Since buyers are changing, businesses can’t encourage them to make purchases with the traditional methods. Today, personalized and innovative strategies are required to tap into the new buyer’s mind. 

Women’s leadership can help to bring that innovation to the workplace. According to a study, women demonstrate a higher transformational attitude than men. 

Women can adopt passive and active approaches simultaneously compared to one-dimensional actions presented by men. Thus, organizations need more female leaders in the future to build innovative marketing and sales strategies.

5. Women are born leaders 

No matter what you think, women are born with leadership skills. Even a stay-at-home mother showcases remarkable leadership skills like teamwork, management, and intelligence. 

Thus, when women are put on high chairs in the organizations, they can better lead the team and achieve company goals. 

According to a Pew Research Center, Social and Demographic Trends survey conducted among 2,250 adults shows that women are better or equal to men in 7 leadership traits out of 8. 

The survey results show that women are smarter, intelligent, and compassionate, which makes them the perfect leaders for tomorrow. 

6. Transparent wage system 

Women are smarter, so they know the wage gap is a big hurdle in their way of success. Thus, they are demanding equal pay rights today. 

Since the remuneration system is more transparent now due to digitalization; thus, it is easier for women to ensure that equal salary is given to them. 

Women are realizing their worth, which is the big step towards eliminating the global wage gap.

7. Remote will reopen opportunities for women

Remote work has been a silver lining in this all pandemic darkness. It has given women the opportunity to re-enter the task force. 

Especially for women who have taken maternity leave, recovering from a long illness, or switching careers, remote work is the best way for them to start working again. 

With more women entering into the workforce, companies will leverage diverse viewpoints and experiences to move their businesses forward. Diverse leadership is important for businesses to initiate inclusion and create safer spaces to work. 

8. Business language will change

With more females participating in the executive roles, “boss man” will become just “boss.” There will be neutralization in the workplace environment with women bosses. 

From business documents to behavior towards women, a complete 360-degree turn in the business language can be made with female leadership. 

Women will no longer be excluded from the decision-making process or informal office get-togethers. In fact, they will build a business language where men and women are equal. 

9. Improve internal communication

Communication is key to building a progressive work environment. And women are great communicators. 

Using the empathetic and emotional approach, women leaders can amplify communication levels in the organization. They can start meaningful conversations between co-workers, management, and other stakeholders. 

Informal communication flow is essential for team collaboration and a harmonious work ecosystem. Thus, when leaders simply ask their team members how their kids are or their health, these small talks will help to build trust and harmony in the team. 

10. Better financial management 

Workplace gender diversity has several benefits, including better productivity, performance, staff retention, etc. But do you know gender diversity increases profits too?

According to a Workplace study, 21% of businesses are likely to experience above-average profit growth by creating a gender-diverse workplace. 

Men and women’s equal involvement in the workplace can provide a fresh perspective while making financial decisions. The perfect balance between logical and emotional contexts can help companies to multiply their profits. 

So How Will Women Leadership Lead The Future?

Women leadership is evolving, and the year 2022 is going to be a major stepping stone in it. The remote work change in workplace policies and needs will push women to adopt leadership roles more. 

However, not all companies and women are yet ready to lead the teams. But the majority is in favor of an increase in female leadership. 

So, we all should sit tight and prepare ourselves for females to make decisions and lead the business world. 

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