Recruitment Automation Software

CVViZ is your recruitment automation software that comprises of various recruitment automation tools that streamline and automate your hiring process. CVViZ uses AI, intuitive UI and various integrations to simplify your day to day recruiting tasks. It saves lot many hours. Hire best candidates faster with CVViZ!

AI Resume Screening

No more manual resume screening! CVViZ understands resumes contextually. It also learns about your hiring pattern. Algorithm built using NLP, machine learning can screen thousands of resumes in few seconds.

Experience the power of artificial intelligence in recruiting. Learn more about candidate screening software.

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AI For Resume screening
Candidate sourcing using web search

Automated Candidate Sourcing

Social hire is very useful utility of CVViZ’s  recruitment automation software suit. Find and source best candidates from various social and professional platforms like job boards, LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow instantly.

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Smart Applicant Tracking System

CVViZ also offers smart ATS, Applicant Tracking System. It intelligently connects recruiters, candidates, hiring managers and recruitment agencies seamlessly. It saves many hours by intuitively integrating various aspects of hiring process such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, interview scheduling and many more. 

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applicant tracking system dashboard

Integrate AI Into Your HR System

Add a layer of intelligence to your existing recruitment management system or applicant tracking system by integrating with CVViZ. 

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Employee Referral

CVViZ’s  employee referral software uses AI & Gamification to boost your employee referral program.  Game mechanics and game theory encourages your employee to refer to more candidates.

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employee referral program track

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