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Online Recruitment Software That Intelligently Streamlines Hiring Process. It connects recruiters, recruitment vendors, hiring managers and candidates seamlessly. CVViZ uses AI that makes recruiting process simpler, intuitive, efficient and Also improves your quality of hire.

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Remote Office migrated from an established ATS to CVViZ. Smart, intuitive recruiting automation features in CVViZ made the hiring much easier….

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cvviz is a leader in Small-Business Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2
Users love cvviz on G2
cvviz is a leader in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2

Online Recruitment Software

CVViZ is more than an applicant tracking system. It is an AI powered, cloud based applicant tracking system that intelligently automates most of your hiring tasks to streamline your recruiting process. The best thing that stands out about CVViZ is its simplicity and ease of use. Today, online recruitment software is not only about applicant tracking but it is also about how it can transform the hiring process to help you hire the best talent, faster. 

Find Right Candidates For Right Job Using AI For Resume Screening

CVViZ understands resumes contextually. Algorithm built using NLP, machine learning screens and matches resumes to find right candidates for the right job. 

Why just search for candidates in your resume database when you can also find where they fit best. Automate resume screening using Artificial Intelligence.

Learn More – AI For Resume Screening

AI For Resume screening
post jobs to multiple paid and free ob sites in one submission

Post Jobs To 1500+ Paid And Free Job Posting Sites In One Go

CVViZ has integrated with best job sites across the world. This includes leading, niche and diversity job sites.

CVViZ offers great discounts on premium job boards!

Be it Google for job search, career page, paid or free job posting sites, you can post jobs in one click.

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automated candidate sourcing feature in applicant tracking system

Discover Candidates That Are Hard To Find! Use Social Hiring For Finding Best Talent

Discover and source candidates from various niche and social platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow and many other platforms in one go!

Using Find On Web feature you could import resumes of relevant candidates from most of such platforms.

Learn More – Social Media For Recruiting

Search Anything Using Elastic Search

Search could be the most used feature in any applicant tracking system. Experience the power of elastic search. Search anything and everything that exists in your resume database. Elastic search is fast, very very fast.

Your relationship with your database changes when you get accurate results in a blink of an eye. Find every information, discover hidden gems in your candidate database. Perform all kind of searches like exact match, multi words search, boolean search and get results in the relevant order. Elastic search can scan thousands of resumes in fraction of a second.

Learn More – Resume Full Text Search

applicant tracking system feature full text resume database search
source import resumes from email

Import Resumes From Emails

Email is the oldest, most trusted and commonly used medium for receiving candidate applications. Use CVViZ email integration that smartly pulls only resumes out of your emails.  It directly imports resumes into CVViZ, your candidate database. 

Chrome Extension To Import Resumes, Contacts From Job Boards

As a part of online recruitment software, CVViZ also offers a chrome extension that helps you import resumes directly into CVViZ from job boards like Dice, Monster, LinkedIn, etc. It saves recruiter’s time by directly uploading resumes into CVViZ resume pool. It also indicates if resume already exists in your database, hence, avoid duplication. 

chrome extension for candidate sourcing
Schedule video interview

Video Interview

With CVViZ you can schedule video interview. You can easily invite hiring managers, recruiters and candidates to be on the same video interview.

Hire developers with smart video interviews. Use inbuilt code editor to watch candidates coding live during the interview.

Learn More – Video Interview

Recruitment Analytics - Measure Recruitment Effectiveness

Data driven hiring is important. It means your are measuring your hiring process. Important recruiting metrics help you understand if you are hiring efficiently.  

CVViZ provides important insights into hiring. Important metrics like Cost per hire, Time to fill, Effective candidate sourcing channels not only help you optimize your recruiting process but it also help you spend wisely.

Learn More – Recruitment Analytics

Recruitment Analytics Recruitment Metrics
Career Page Design

Design Career Page To Attract Top Talent

Company career page is a great opportunity for employer branding. When a candidate visits your company career page, you should be able to sell a job. Give insights into your organization with a detailed and vibrant career page. Also,  to ensure great candidate experience your job application process should be simple, quick, intuitive and optimized for mobile phone.

CVViZ makes sure that you not only design your career page but also integrates it into your website in less than 2 minutes. 

CVViZ makes sure that jobs on your career page get listed in Google For Job Search!

Learn More – Career Page Design

Build & Manage Candidate Relationships With Ease

Building new candidate relationships is equally important to nurture existing ones. CVViZ helps you develop and nurture candidate relationships with its powerful tools.

Sync Your Email Account With CVViZ 

CVViZ helps you With Email Sync – Sync your G Suit, Outlook Exchange, Office365, or any other mailbox with CVViZ to send and receive an email from within the CVViZ.

Email Templates

Use Email Templates With Quick & Easy templates. You can build your own email templates.

Send and Track Bulk Emails

Contact multiple candidates in one go. Use the bulk email function to reach many candidates at once. We also track email open and reply events.

Candidate History

Understand the history of the candidates through all the actions that were taken in the past, notes, and emails in one place.

Build Top Talent Pipelines

Track your top talent by managing your talent pipelines easily

candidate relationship management history

All The Features That You Get

Job Management

  • Post jobs to various platforms
  • Design career pages and list all your active jobs automatically

  • Set pre-screening questions as part of job application process


Candidate Sourcing & Management

  • Search & import candidates profiles from various platforms

  • Chrome extension to import profiles directly into CVViZ from job boards

  • Track all candidates

  • Build talent pipeline

  • Take notes, manage history, interview feedback

  • Export candidate tracking list into Excel sheet

Video Interviews, Communication

  • Schedule & Conduct Video Interviews without going back & forth
  • Integrated code editor to watch candidates code live during video interview
  • Integrate & sync your emails within CVViZ

  • Multiple email templates or create your own

  • Personalized email based on candidate profile

  • Bulk emailing to candidates

AI Resume Screening

  • Screen resumes contextually, going beyond keywords
  • Rank candidates based on your hiring pattern

  • Discover best matched candidates automatically from your database

Powerful Search

  • Elastic search for extremely quick results

  • Search candidate database using keywords

  • Full text search – find anything and everything

  • Use boolean search operators and wide range of filters

Resume Database Management

  • Resume parsing

  • Resume storage over cloud with quick access from anywhere

  • Identify duplicate resumes

Recruitment Analytics

  • Track all important recruitment metrics

  • Export or download reports into Excel sheets, pdf, jpg

Data Security & Compliance

  • Data secured while in transit or still

  • Authorized access 

  • Role based access

  • GDPR Compliance Toolkit


  • Easily collaborate among hiring managers, recruiters, vendors and candidates

  • Click to share resumes, notes & emails

  • Auto notifications & reminders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CVViZ is a smart candidate tracking system that sources candidates from free and paid recruiting channels. It also helps you source resumes organically from social media and niche platforms like StackOverflow, GitHub, etc.

It can also import resumes sitting in your inbox. You can also upload resumes in bulk.

Once the resumes are in the system, you can share them with hiring managers or clients or even with your teammates. You can track candidate progress through the hiring process.

Interview scorecards will allow you to track interview feedbacks at every stage.

Learn more about the free applicant tracking system

CVViZ is smart candidate tracking system that sources candidates from free and paid recruiting channels. It also help you source resumes organically from social media and niche platforms like StackOverflow, GitHub, etc. 

It can also import resumes sitting in your inbox. You can also upload resumes in bulk.

Once the resumes are in the system, you can share them with hiring mangers or clients or even with your team mates. You can track candidate progress through the hiring process. 

Interview scorecards will allow you to track interview feedbacks at every stage.

Read more about our candidate applicant tracking system, CVViZ.

Apart from being powered with an AI to help find the right candidates, CVViZ acts as a complete platform to manage the entire hiring process.

CVViZ is a completely API based tool that can integrate with any other platform or any system. For example, if you use a particular tool for tech or psychometric assessment, CVViZ can easily integrate with it.

Even, most of CVViZ features such as resume screening, candidate sourcing, resume parsing are available outside CVViZ using APIs.

So, if you are using any HRMS for employee management, CVViZ can easily integrate with it.

Similarly, CVViZ makes sure the job application forms are mobile compatible and can attract new generation candidates.

The job or career pages that we create are optimized for SEO so that they can be quickly indexed by Google and other job platforms.

And most importantly, your data is secured with us. We are GDPR compliant and we also help our customers to be GDPR compliant.

Also, there are many new-age features that make CVViZ modern ATS. Features like tagging users, using tags for building talent pipelines, elastic search for quicker and accurate search results, video interview.

A Modern AI Applicant tracking system intelligently automates most recruiting tasks so that it leaves enough time for SaaS owners or hiring managers to engage with the candidates. The recruiting software also makes it easy for the user to find and attend only the candidates that match the job description and hence save lots of time in filtering the resumes. 

A smart recruiting software captures crucial data points of your hiring process. For example, which recruiting channel works best for a job? What kind of jobs take longer to fill, and why? Where do you lose most of your productive time; is it hiring managers taking longer to screen candidates? or is it scheduling interviews that take forever?

All these recruiting metrics will help you find the bottleneck in your hiring process. Once you know the problem areas in the recruitment process, you can always work towards fixing it.

CVViZ Modern ATS also offers such recruitment analytics that helps you analyze your hiring process.

Read more about ATS for SaaS companies. 

An ATS or a recruiting software streamlines most recruiting tasks leaving enough time for recruiters to engage with the best-suited candidates and hire the right ones.

A recruiting software understands the data points in a hiring process and helps the recruiters to find answers as to how they can hire better, right candidates and save time in doing so. Once you know the problem areas in the recruitment process, the ATS assists in optimizing the recruitment pipeline.

Read more about applicant tracking system for recruiters

Not all startups or small businesses need software for hiring. But, if a startup is growing fast and need new and experienced employees fast, and if the recruiting team involves more than one member, then your startup needs an online applicant tracking system.

To decide if CVViZ is the best ATS for your startup or not, try answering these questions; 

1) Is the hiring decision being taken by more than one recruiter? 

2) Are you not able to figure out which hiring channel or portal is working best for you?

3) Do you need to build a talent database for future reference? 

4) Do you need assistance in pinpointing the right candidate from a candidate database? 

If your answer is YES to more than two of these questions then you should give a try for free to CVViZ as your first recruitment software. 

Learn more about applicant tracking systems for startups.

Our Customers Love Us!!

cvviz is a leader in Small-Business Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2
Users love cvviz on G2
cvviz is a leader in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2

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