Modern Recruiting Software That Uses Artificial Intelligence To Help You Hire Faster

Online recruitment software that uses AI to make hiring process more efficient and simple. It matches right candidates for the right job, automates candidate sourcing, gives insight into your hiring process, improves quality of hire and streamlines your administrative tasks.


CVViZ is an AI recruiting technology that helps you improve your quality of hiring. Be it high volume hiring or niche hiring, the key is to reach right candidates sooner. CVViZ gives you that edge! Using AI for recruiting you can identify best candidates in the beginning of recruitment and selection process. CVViZ is an AI recruitment tool that provides intelligent automation of recruitment process. It can also integrate with existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  to act as an intelligent layer on top of your existing system. 

AI Resume Screening

CVViZ’s understands resumes contextually. Algorithm built using NLP, machine learning screens and matches resumes to find right candidates for the right job. 

Why just search for candidates in your resume database when you can also find where they fit best. Automate resume screening using Artificial Intelligence.

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AI Resume screening
Candidate sourcing using web search

Automated Candidate Sourcing

Discover and source best candidates from various social and professional candidate sourcing channels like job boards, LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow instantly.

Using Find On Web feature you could import resumes of relevant candidates from social platforms. Intelligent resume screening process will find if they are the best talent for job.  

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Add Candidates To Talent Pipeline Using Our Chrome Extension

Adding candidates to talent pipeline or candidate database has got more simpler.

Using CVViZ chrome extension you can directly import candidates from job boards like Dice, Indeed, Monster, etc.

Job board Chrome extension for Candidate sourcing
Discover candidates candidate sourcing automated

Discover Best Talent Automatically In Your Database

Every organization piles up candidate database over the period of time. Using AI for matching and ranking you can mine your existing database efficiently.

Recruitment Analytics To Improve Your Hiring Process

Discover new stories with advanced recruitment analytics. Get insights into various aspects of recruitment such as sourcing, screening, team performance, etc.

Recruitment metrics like time to fill, effective candidate sourcing channels, team performance and many more help you optimize your recruitment process.

Recruiting analytics - recruiting metrics - effective sourcing channel
personalized communication candidate sourcing

Complete Recruitment Automation

CVViZ is a complete recruitment automation software. It automates candidate sourcing, candidate screening, candidate engagement.

Simple and intuitive user interface of our online recruitment software helps you focus on most important thing, hiring!

How It Works

Learn & Grow

CVViZ - An AI recruiting software learns from previous recruitment efforts and understands the kind of candidates you engage in hiring process.

Screen, Match & Rank

CVViZ screens your recruitment database and matches resumes to find RIGHT candidates based on its learning from past recruitment process. It then ranks candidates based on past and current learnings.

Continuous Learning

AI recruitment algorithm as learns from past events, it also learns from the current applicants that are being shortlisted or rejected for a job.


AI resume screening identifies best candidates. Reach out to these candidates with personalized communication.


Share resumes or schedule interviews or conduct video interview with a click of a button.


Recognized with "Rabbit Out Of The Hat" Award for Producing Stupendous Results at Catalyst 2.0

Selected for Accelerator Program To Build Innovative Solution For Internal Recruitment
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