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CVViZ automates everything from candidate sourcing, candidate screening to candidate engagement. It uses AI, intuitive UI and various integrations to simplify your day to day recruiting tasks. It saves lot many hours. Hire the best candidates faster with CVViZ!

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CVViZ has helped us to organize and streamline our recruitment process. It has various intelligent features that helps in hiring. Sourcing resumes from platforms like GitHub really helped. Resume screening feature helps in ranking the candidate profiles which helps in effective hiring.
Vani Ramachandran
HR, Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
CVViZ has been very effective for my company as I am able to refer great candidates in CVViZ to many of my clients that wish to hire Veterans, Active Duty and Military Spouses. This AI recruiting tool saves me time & money as I am able to identify the most qualified candidates with a click on the mouse.
Oran Brown
CEO, Military Inclusion
Intelligent ,simple, gets the work done. Clean user interface with right workflow for recruiters. We were able to bring down the time required for screening of resumes and scheduling of the right candidates and this intern helped us with placing more candidates with our clients.
Harish K
Recruitment Lead, IglobusCC

Our Customers Love Us!!

cvviz is a leader in Small-Business Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2
Users love cvviz on G2
cvviz is a leader in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2

"The Third Time You Do Something, Automate It" - Old Boss

Recruitment is a highly collaborative process. It is heavy on day to day operations. Recruiters, would check their email for resumes. Download resumes from them. Store them. Search them. The cycle repeats every time they receive a resume in an email. It happens with many such recruiting tasks.Let’s be honest, that’s not the best use of their time! Automate recruitment tasks that consumes your productive time. Get recruiters to talk to the candidates and not keep them buy with filling up spreadsheets.

Automate Your Hiring Process In 3 Easy Steps

CVViZ intelligently automates and streamlines the recruitment process from posting jobs to making job offers.

Post Jobs To Multiple Job Sites

We publish your jobs ads on 20+ free job sites. We are also partnered with 2000+ job boards for paid job ads.

Screen Resumes Using AI

screen, match and rank resumes using NLP, ML powered algorithms

Engage and Hire Candidates

engage, track and make job offers to the best candidates.

post jobs to multiple paid and free ob sites in one submission

Post Jobs To 2000 plus Paid And Free Job Posting Sites In A Click

We have partnered with 1500+ job sites across the world. It includes leading, niche and diversity job boards.

CVViZ offers great discounts on premium job boards!

Our recommendation engine also suggests the best job boards based on the factors such as job industry, job location and job role.

Be it Google for job search, career page, free or paid job boards, you can post jobs in one click.

Learn More – Free Job Posting

Identify Best Candidates Using AI For Resume Screening

No more manual resume screening! CVViZ understands resumes contextually. It also learns about your hiring pattern. Algorithm built using NLP, machine learning can screen thousands of resumes in few seconds.

Experience the power of artificial intelligence in recruiting. Learn more about candidate screening software.

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AI For Resume screening
Candidate sourcing using web search

Automated Candidate Sourcing

Social hire is very useful utility of CVViZ’s  recruitment automation software suit. Find and source best candidates from various social and professional platforms like job boards, LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow instantly.

Learn More – Candidate Sourcing Automated

Smart Applicant Tracking System

CVViZ also offers smart ATS, Applicant Tracking System. It intelligently connects recruiters, candidates, hiring managers and recruitment agencies seamlessly. It saves many hours by intuitively integrating various aspects of hiring process such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, interview scheduling and many more. 

Learn More – AI Applicant Tracking System

applicant tracking system dashboard
Keywords matching vs resume ranking

Integrate AI Into Your HR System

Add a layer of intelligence to your existing recruitment management system or applicant tracking system by integrating with CVViZ. 

Learn More – Integrate AI Into Recruitment Software

Employee Referral

CVViZ’s  employee referral software uses AI & Gamification to boost your employee referral program.  Game mechanics and game theory encourages your employee to refer to more candidates.

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employee referral program track

Our Customers Love Us!!

cvviz is a leader in Small-Business Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2
Users love cvviz on G2
cvviz is a leader in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2

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