AI For Recruiting - A Complete Guide

Applicant tracking system (ATS) was the first successful step in recruitment automation. It came live in 90’s. ATS made recruiter’s life easy by automating mundane tasks like organizing resumes, maintaining progress of candidates throughout hiring process, etc. It helped recruiters in getting organized.

Today, the demand is to automate processes intelligently, smartly. Just like AI picking up in other sectors, HR technology is also adopting to AI for recruitment and other processes. While modern recruiting software coming up with AI solutions, traditional recruiting solutions like ATS are integrating with AI solution providers.

LinkedIn's Global Recruiting Trend Report 2018

Increase in Hiring Volume
1 %

In 2017 56% of recruiters reported their hiring volume will increase

1 %

74% of them could not add more recruiters to their recruitment teams

According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends Report 2018 talent professionals and hiring managers say that AI is the top trend impacting how they hire. In 2017 56% of recruiters reported their hiring volume will increase, but 74% of them could not add more recruiters to their recruitment teams.

So this is where the time-constrained recruitment teams are on the hunt for the best innovations in HR Tech to help them succeed. Many of these innovations leverage AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing recruitment Software’s to streamline or automate parts of the recruiting workflow.

Lot of recruitment teams  rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their daily recruitment workflows (Posting to Job board, Screening, Scheduling, Chat bots for candidate interaction) and it is bound to get more ingrained and likely to take over some of the more repetitive aspects of a recruiters job while recruiters can focus on building relationships with candidates, determining interpersonal skills, educating candidates about the work culture, getting candidates to accept offers.

What is
AI For Recruiting ?

AI for recruiting is the application of artificial intelligence to smartly automate various stages of recruitment process. AI allows you to mimic the behavior of domain experts at different stages of the recruiting process.

AI for recruiting can improve your productivity and effectiveness at stages like candidate sourcing, resume screening and candidate interviewing.

Using AI for recruiting at different stages of recruitment process


AI For Resume Screening

Resume screening is still a manual task. If we consider the complete hiring cycle, 70% of the time is spent in resume screening by various stakeholders. It is common knowledge that 80% of the resumes received do not qualify for the job.

Using natural language processing (NLP), deep learning and machine learning for resume screening we can screen resumes contextually just like a domain expert. It can then match and rank candidates to help you shortlist the best talent. And all this is done in matter of few seconds.

Traditional ATS cannot provide matching and ranking of resumes. Some ATS provides keyword based matching score. However, keyword based matching results are often false positive. Such results are misleading.

AI For HR chatbots

HR chatbots built using NLP, machine learning can strike a conversation with candidates. It can be used for candidate sourcing as well as candidate prescreening.

If you already have a candidate database, a text based chatbot can initiate a message trail with passive candidates to know if they are interested in job openings. Similarly interested candidates can be pre-screened using basic or advanced screening questions.

Pairing AI for both resume screening and then for chatbots can bring magic. Resume screening will find most suitable candidates and then chatbots can reach out to these candidates.

These HR chatbots or recruiter chatbots also improves candidate experience through the hiring process. For example, candidates are kept posted regularly about their progress, interview schedule, etc.

AI For Video Interviewing

There are tools that uses AI to assess candidates based on their behaviors during the interview process. These tools claim to use different aspects such as body language, pitch tone, eye movements, facial expression,  etc to find personality traits of the candidate.

AI For Candidate Sourcing

Sourcing candidates using various integrations or web search is more of a Robotic Process Automation (RPA). However, post sourcing candidates, AI can be used to find most suitable candidates for the role.

AI For Writing Job Descriptions

AI could help you remove biased languages in the job descriptions.  We many times do not realize that language that we use in job descriptions could potentially make audience loose interest in the job. For example, using something like “we are looking for Machine learning rockstars” does not appeal to women job seekers.  Textio is one such platform that helps you write appropriate and appealing job descriptions.

Benefits Of Using AI

Saves Huge amount Of Time

As mentioned earlier 70% of time is spent in resume screening for resumes that mostly don’t fit the job description. AI can quickly screen resumes for you and saves 90% of your time that you spent on resume screening.

Similarly, chatbots can perform candidate prescreening and sourcing tasks. This saves huge amount of recruiter’s time which they can now spend on engaging to most suitable and interested candidates.

Insights That Save Money and Time

AI for recruiting helps you gather critical data points that gives great insights into your hiring process. It could reveal which sourcing or hiring channels are great for which kind of positions. 

For example, you could find out if LinkedIn is better social platform or Facebook to market your Sales job. Is it Github or Stackoverflow that gives you better matching Python developers. Which recruitment agency works best for you and many more. This helps you budget your recruitment finances wisely. This also helps you to focus your efforts in the right direction.

Improves Quality of Hire

Traditional recruitment practice runs on first come first basis. You generally source the bunch of resumes and then screen those. Or vice a versa. However, this is done in bits and pieces. 

Also, everyone including your competition is also looking at the same set of candidates. You need to be more agile and quick in order to reach to quality candidates. Using AI for recruiting you could identify quality candidates much early in the hiring process. This gives you an opportunity to engage better talent much sooner.

Learn More About A.I. For Recruiting

Resume screening is the most critical task. AI can be your domain expert when it comes to screening resumes. It helps you identify best candidates much earlier in the hiring process.

It’s time to get more familiar with different AI related terms. Know elements of A.I. that are making recruiters job easier. 

AI is making great progress in talent acquisition process. It is helping recruiters and hiring mangers at different stages of recruitment. 

What all a AI recruiting software could offer ? Is it going to change the way recruitment process has been working?

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