Employee Referral

Employee referral software that uses AI and Gamification which improves employee engagement and encourages your employees to refer more candidates easily. CVViZ’s employee referral tool helps you to tap into social networks of your employees.

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Gamification To Boost Employee Referral Program

Game mechanics appeal to basic human emotional needs such as to compete, to get recognized, to get rewarded. Use of gamification for employee referral program improves employee engagement. CVViZ employee referral software uses game mechanics like reward points system, team competition, leaderboards makes employee referrals programs more interactive, more fun and more effective.

How It Works

Employee Referral Program

Build, configure regular or need based employee referral programs. Use game mechanics for more employee participation.

Employee Engagement

Invite employees to refer their buddies for employee referral. Help them track all their employee referrals, referral bonuses, etc.

Tap Into Social Network

Help your employees to auto-discover their connections on social media platforms who could match job positions. Receive tenfold candidate applications.

Identify Best Candidates

AI resume screening identifies best candidates among employee referrals. Use AI to auto discover best candidates from past employee referral.

Track, Hire, Reward

Track all the employee referral easily. Never lose a referred candidate. Pay out employee referral bonus

Employee Referral Software Features

Employee Referral Programs

  • Configure multiple employee referral bonus systems. For example, different point systems for urgent positions vs fresh graduates vs regular lateral hires.
  • Auto send out employee referral mail. 

  • Define various points system or cash prizes, etc, as employee referral bonus for different job ranks


Employee Engagement

  • Auto creation of internal employee referral site

  • Employees can easily track all their past and current employee referrals, status and bonuses.  

  • Employees can auto-discover matching connections from their own social media network like LinkedIn.

Leaderboard & Analytics

  • Find your employee referral champions using leaderboards

  • Measure all important hiring metrics related to employee referral program. 

AI Resume Screening

  • Screen resumes of referred candidates, contextually, going beyond keywords
  • Immediately find best referred candidates based on your hiring pattern

  • Discover best talent from the past employee referral talent pool

Applicant Tracking

  • Track all your employee referrals through the hiring process

  • Process all other job applicants along with employee referral candidates without losing track of any

  • Easily track source of each job applicant. Identify duplicate application.

Integrate with ATS

  • CVViZ employee referral software can integrate with other applicant tracking system (ATS)

  • Integrate with your payroll system incase of cash employee referral bonus

Build Successful Employee Referral Programs With The Employee Referral Tool Powered By AI & Gamification