Resume Screening Using AI

Our resume screening software goes beyond simple keywords matching. It screens resumes contextually. It learns from your hiring process to identify best candidates.

AI For Resume screening
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Automated Resume Screening Software

CVViZ mimics a domain expert to automate resume screening. It goes beyond the traditional approach of keyword or binary search and understands the resume contextually. It continuously learns from your recruitment and selection process to predict the most suitable candidates from the lot. This helps recruiters in identifying the best candidates for the job.

Resume Screening Software

CVViZ is your resume screening software. AI algorithm built by CVViZ goes beyond keywords and screens resumes contextually; just like a domain expert.

Keywords could be misleading. When you depend heavily on keyword searches you may end up finding resumes that are completely irrelevant for the job.

For Example, you are looking for a company secretary and you end up getting the resume of a personal secretary. You could be looking for an Oracle developer but may end up finding a Java developer. This happens because of common keywords among roles. Such examples are very common. Artificial Intelligence helps you in addressing such challenges effectively.

CVViZ can distinguish between such roles. It takes away such noise from the recruitment and selection process.

keyword searching is not resume screening

Resume Screening Is Not Searching For Keywords

You may have a recruitment software with great search capabilities. However, the search is never enough. Resume screening is the key.

What if you are searching for a Data scientist or Financial Analyst or UI Developer and end up finding 500 resumes. How would you know which are the best candidates? Would you go about screening 500 resumes? Recruitment software may only help you in storing and searching resumes. You need a better solution that helps you in screening resumes in a matter of a few seconds.

Our AI powered resume screening software reduces manual efforts significantly

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Relative Resume Ranking

After resume screening, CVViZ ranks candidates in real-time. This ranking is relative. Meaning, matching and resume ranking is based on the kind of requirement organization has, the kind of candidates organization engages, kind of work candidates have done, etc.

When the same candidate applies for a different job in a different company for the same profile, he or she may be rated differently.

CVViZ uses AI for matching and ranking candidates in real-time. Recruiters then can engage the best candidates much faster.

Discover candidates candidate sourcing automated

Discover Best Candidates Automatically In Your Recruitment Database

Every organization piles up candidate database over the period of time. Using AI for matching and ranking you can mine your existing database efficiently.

When you add a new job listing, automatically find top talent that may already exist in your recruitment database.

Access the power of AI for resume screening in your existing applicant tracking system or recruitment software