Candidate Sourcing Automated​

CVViZ’s automated candidate sourcing can source unfindable candidates from the web, job boards, specialized social platforms like GitHub, StackOverflow, etc. It can discover resumes from your candidate database.

With API integration it can also source candidates from your career page, job boards and from social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

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Source Unfindable Candidates

If you ever wondered how to source candidates without using job portals or you may have even tried all leading job boards but still failed to find candidates especially for niche skills! CVViZ can help you in finding candidates across the web. You just need to upload job details and we will find candidates from various platforms for you.  Be it technical jobs or accounting jobs, we can find candidates for various industries and roles. You will get candidates resumes, emails and phone numbers using automated candidate sourcing. 

Candidate sourcing using web search

How It Works

Tell Us Who You Are Looking For

Just upload a job description for given job position and you are done. Basically mention basic things like skills, job location, etc.

We Source Candidates For You

We search the web for you and get you most suitable candidates. We also help you in integrating you career page, job boards, social media platforms for automated candidate sourcing.

We Identify Best Candidates

Our NLP, Machine Learning powered AI resume screening & matching algorithm identifies the best candidates for you so that you engage only the right candidates for the job.

Reach Them with Emails, SMS

Quickly reach out to candidates using SMS, personalized emails.

Automate Your Candidate Sourcing

Source Candidates Quickly By Posting Jobs To Multiple Job Boards In A Click

Job board is a natural platform to find best talent. Post jobs to multiple job boards in one click and find the best candidates!

Be it Google for job search, career page, free or paid job boards, you can post jobs in one click.

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Candidate Sourcing Find on Web

Find Hidden Candidates On Web​

It’s time you sit back and relax. We search the whole web in real time to find best candidates for you. These kind of passive candidates are not easily available on job boards. We automatically search & source these candidates for you.

Source Candidates From Specialized Platform

If you are looking for candidates with niche skills then platforms like GitHub, Stackoverflow, Behance are great source of high quality candidates. We identify candidates from such platforms and get you connected with them.

candidate sourcing using Social media hiring

Candidate Sourcing Using Social Media

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook are the most active places where most candidates get to know about various job opportunities.

CVViZ helps you reach both active and passive candidates on social media. Automated resume sourcing helps you receive applications from interested candidates. This probably is the best and quickest way to market your job position.

Discover Top Candidates In Your Resume Database

Our AI Matching & Ranking algorithm identifies right candidate for the right job.

CVViZ automatically discovers best candidates from your candidate database and can automatically engage them using emails and SMS.

Discover Candidates In Your Database

Source Candidates From Emails

Calling applications over emails have been a long practice. There might be piles of resumes sitting in your Inbox.

CVViZ can automatically import resumes from your emails and add it to your candidate database.

Source Best Talent With Employee Referral

Employee referral software help you to run employee referral programs. Use gamification to boost your employee referrals. 

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Use CVViZ To Automatically Source Candidates From Various Candidate Sourcing Channels