Recruitment Analytics To Improve Hiring Process

Recruitment metrics help you measure various important aspects such as candidate sourcing, screening, candidate experience of your hiring process.  CVViZ offers some of the best recruiting metrics that helps you optimize your recruiting process.  Believe in data driven hiring!

Measure Time To Fill Different Kind of Roles

This recruitment metric would reflect time you take to source, screen, interview and hire a candidate for specific job function. For example, it would show how long it takes to source, to screen, to hire a full stack developer from the day you open a new requisition. It shows how efficient is your hiring process for different kind of job functions or job profiles.

This recruiting metric is also a part of workforce analytics which help you workforce planning.

Know The Most Effective Candidate Sourcing Channel For Position You Are Hiring

Every company uses multiple candidate sourcing channels like job boards, social media recruiting channels, recruitment agencies, career page branding, etc. This recruiting metric will help you measure effectiveness of various sourcing channels. 

Email Marketing Efficiency

Email is most widely used platform to reach out to candidates. Email marketing efficiency metric will help you measure how many candidates are engaged over email vs how many candidates brought into recruiting funnel.

Recruitment analytics - Recruitment metric - vendors summary

Hiring Team Performance Measurement

Hiring team comprises of recruiters and hiring managers. Recruitment analytics measuring hiring managers and recruiters efforts will help you measure various factors like candidate applying for the job vs candidate getting shortlisted and likewise. It helps you measure speed, agility and yield ratios. 

Use Pass Through Rate To Identify Bottlenecks In Your Hiring Funnel

Use Pass Through Rate metric to learn details about how every position you are hiring for. This job level details will help you find any bottlenecks you may have in your hiring process.

This recruitment metric will also help you understand how effective is your candidate sourcing and resume screening process.

Recruitment Analytics Candidate Pass Through Rate

Are You Into Data Driven Recruitment? Use Data To Optimize Your Hiring Process