Applicant Tracking System Features

CVVIZ is a modern online recruitment software that offers smart features for recruitment automation

Job Management

Free Job Posting

One-click free job listing on 20+ job portals and 2000+ premium job portals. Track, share and monitor all job listings from a single point applicant tracking system.

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Job Approval Management

Submit your job requisitions to senior management in a click. Get notified once the job is approved.

Career Page

Design beautiful, simple, quick, intuitive, mobile-friendly and SEO optimized career pages and integrate with your website in a minute.

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Recruitment CRM

Customer Relationship Management

If you are a recruitment agency, manage all your customers, former customers and new leads using CVViZ. CRM activities such as assigning account manager, managing leads, tracking communication, taking notes all under one umbrella.

Candidate Relationship Management

Add candidate contacts, tag them, build pipeline, keep track of all communication and much more under one platform.

Candidate sourcing

Candidate Sourcing

Receive candidate applications from any portals like LinkedIn, job sites, social media, directly in CVViZ. You can also upload resumes or candidate contacts in bulk.

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Find On Web

We help you search and import candidates that are available on niche platforms like Github, StackOverflow, blog sites, personal sites, etc.

Chrome Extension

Using CVViZ chrome extension you can directly import candidates from job boards like Dice, Indeed, Monster, etc.. and build a candidate database.

scheduling & conducting Video interviews

Schedule Candidate Interviews

Schedule appointments to interview the candidates with the CVVIZ applicant tracking system's interview scheduling functionality.

Integrated Code Editor

Interview developers using CVVIZ's integrated code editor that lets you monitor the candidate's code during the interview to test the skills of the developer.

Conduct Video Interview

Conduct a video interview with the candidates on the CVViZ dashboard, take notes, and share interview details with the modern ATS at your disposal.

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Candidate screening

Candidate Pre-Screening

All ask kind of questions for example knockout question, multiple choice question, etc to candidates when they apply or after they apply. Filter them based on their responses.

AI Resume Screening

Our proprietary AI algorithm understands the resumes and your job requirement contextually to find the best match for your job openings. It also learns from your hiring decisions.

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Candidate Datbase Management

Extensive Database Search

Our powerful full-text search function helps you find anything that is written on the candidate resume or about the candidate.

Resume Database Management

Upload resumes in bulk, parse resumes, upload CSV contact files, identify duplicate resumes, capture the source of resumes, tag candidates and much more in simple clicks.

Boolean Search Operators

Use boolean search operators and lots of filters on our applicant tracking system to search through the candidates' pool and find the best match.

Data security & compliance

Authorized Access Only

Grant user authorization to all or limited access to the recruitment system dashboard and always be in control of your data and who can see it.

GDPR Compliance

The CVVIZ applicant tracking system is enclosed cloud software that is built compliant with all the GDPR rules and regulations.

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Collaboration & Analytics

Easy Team Collaboration

Collaborate with hiring managers, , recruiters, candidates, and recruitment agencies.

Recruitment Analytics

Stay on the top of recruitment metrics, export, download and share reports in .csv, .pdf and .jpg formats with your team. You can also filter the results over different parameters.

Auto Notification & Reminders

Set interview reminders, set deadlines, send notifications to team members, and keep everyone informed.

Manage Communication

Send bulk emails, keep track of email open or click events, follow your email thread.

Transform Your Hiring with new age, modern, Recruiting Software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AI is used at different stages of a recruitment pipeline. For example, in case of paid job posting, based on job description, geography and job industry, we recommend best candidate sourcing channel that could fetch you best candidates.

Similarly, AI is used for resume screening. Our NLP and machine learning powered algorithm screens resumes like a domain expert and helps you identify top candidates. 

Also, when you are sending emails to candidates, we help you personalize those emails automatically.

CVViZ continues to add intelligent features to its applicant tracking system to help our users hire top candidates, faster.

Creating and posting job listings on multiple job portals, sourcing resumes from multiple locations, creating, maintaining, and filtering resumes based on how good they match with a job requirement are some of the must have features of recruitment software. An applicant tracking system is supposed to overhaul the complete recruitment pipeline and help the user find best candidate for the open positions from a huge pool of candidates.

CVVIZ is an AI based recruitment automation software with features that would suffice any recruiter, HR, hiring agencies or small businesses to find the best candidate for their jobs, interview them and close the open positions ASAP, so they can focus on building the business. 

Yes, our applicant tracking system can integrate with many platforms like CRMs, Linkedin, Google job search, Github, stack overflow and many more. You can also utilize our AI algorithm and integrate it with the ATS that you are already using, this way you may also access our key features like resume screening, social hiring, advanced recruitment analytics, etc.

Applicant tracking system features are the best when you can leverage them in a manner that serves you the best, hence, we’ve made CVVIZ completely customizable and integration friendly. 

A Modern AI Applicant tracking system intelligently automate most recruiting tasks so that it leaves enough time for recruiters to engage candidates.

A smart recruiting software captures the important data points of your hiring process. For example, which recruiting channel works best for which job, what kind of jobs take longer to fill and why, where do you lose most of your productive time; is it hiring managers taking longer to screen candidates or is it scheduling interviews that is taking forever?

All these recruitment software features and the metrics that they show you will help to find the bottleneck in your hiring process. Once you know the problem areas in recruitment process, you can always work towards fixing it.

Our modern ATS features offers such recruitment analytics that help you analyze your hiring process.