Remote Office migrated from an established ATS to CVViZ. Smart, intuitive recruiting automation features in CVViZ made the hiring much easier.

Remote Office hires in 5 countries including Australia, and the UK. They wanted to move to a platform that would reduce the manual interventions and help them hire faster. CVViZ with its smart automation reduced the time to hire.

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Remote Office is an all-in-one remote working solution helping customers build and manage teams of global talents.

An array of scalable tools and know-how support their customers at every stage of remote team management.


Remote Office


Melbourne, Australia




  • Candidates inflow – Would mostly receive a lesser number of resumes or job applications.
  • Candidate screening – had to go through every candidate application to see if they match the job requirement. Also, phone screening would take a longer time. 
  • Time to hire – Although there was an ATS, lot of time was spent on manual tasks like resume screening, interview scheduling, email tracking, etc.


  • Post jobs to 2000+ sites – CVViZ is connected with 2000 plus paid and free job posting sites. It also makes sure your career page, job listings are SEO optimized so that they can get indexed by Google, Indeed, and Glassdoor.
  • Candidate screening tools – CVViZ with its simple candidate pre-screening feature and advanced AI resume screening function helped companies identify the most relevant candidates instantly.
  • Recruitment automation reduces time to hire – CVViZ automated many mundane recruiting tasks to leave ample time for recruiters to connect with the right candidates, hence, reducing the time to hire.
"We used to practice a different ATS before we migrated to CVViZ. There are small details with CVViZ which made the team's work easier after migration. Noteworthy features will be candidate search, AI matching, collaboration, pipeline management and most importantly - the customer support " - Diat on migrating to CVViZ.
Diat founder remote office
Diat Khan
Founder and Head of Growth

What has been your experience with CVViZ's resume screening feature?

” Screening experience is great with CVViZ. The scorecard is an amazing feature. We are heavily dependent on notes where our team members collaborate with their feedback.

We are experiencing improved accuracy in the screening process after we have migrated to CVViZ.” said Diat.

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