Huskee went from 7 employees to 24 in less than a year

Huskee is a niche company that manufactures reusable coffee cups. They hire globally. Being in the niche industry, finding the talent has been always the biggest challenge for them. CVViZ helped them find talent on various platforms and streamline the entire hiring process.  

About Company

Huskee is a design-led company creating products that enable the transition to a waste-free world.


Huskee Pty Ltd


New South Wales, Australia 


Design Services


  • Hiring Niche Talent – Hiring in the niche industry is always tough. We wanted to reach as many candidates so that we could hire quickly.
  • Job Ad Exposure – Traditional job ad practices such as using job sites or regular job boards weren’t getting us enough visibility. 
  • Managing End-End Hiring Process – We were receiving resumes from various channels. We were managing these resumes over respective job boards or emails. We were tracking the hiring process using spreadsheets.


  • Find on Web – CVViZ helps companies find candidates on niche platforms like GitHub, StackOverflow, Behance, personal sites, blogs, etc. 
  • Recruitment Marketing – CVViZ is integrated with more than 2000 job sites worldwide. You can run job ads not just on job boards but also on social media, Google, etc.
  • Recruitment Management Software – Manage or track everything from the job listing, candidate sourcing, recruitment analytics, communication, collaboration, etc in one place with CVViZ, a recruitment management software.
"CVViZ made it easier for me to prioritise resumes that had skills that matched our job requirements."
Monica Crystal-Lim
HR Associate, Huskee

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