Red. Recruitment Group saw 40% increase in candidate applications. It kept increasing 10% month on month.

Red. Recruitment hires in 17 countries across Europe. They were using ATS and CRM before onboarding CVViZ. They wanted everything in one solution – ATS, CRM, AI, and GDPR. CVViZ made it possible to put everything under one umbrella. 

About Company

RED. Recruitment is a Headhunting & HR Management consulting firm that is specialized in multi-industry permanent placement solutions around the Central Eastern Europe region. Their main verticals are IT, Finance & Accounting, Banking, Legal, Sales & Marketing.

RED. Recruitment leverage the combination of technology, automation, and AI to manage a high workload of open roles.


RED. Recruitment & Human Services Group


Budapest, Hungary


Staffing and Recruiting

Recruitment Process Before Onboarding CVViZ

In the early days, RED Recruitment used blog posts as job ads. One can only imagine the pain of such a solution. Most CVs were forwarded manually via emails and had no searchability at all.

As a step towards recruitment automation, they adopted a system that was good as a CRM and an ATS. Although it was a step forward they felt the system was more about storing data and was missing interoperability, reporting, and many other smart functions.

They used the ATS and CRM for a while but then almost at the end of the pandemic, the number of job seekers and vacancies boomed.

They found their existing recruitment tools were lagging speed, intelligence, and intuition.

" We found ourselves on a motorway running with a Vespa motorcycle. Comparison is very relevant because not only we needed to handle big data and interoperate it with some smart automations but we also had to guarantee GDPR compliance and information security while scaling up." - Andrea sharing his thoughts on high volume hiring.
Andrea Red dot recruitment
Andrea Fonsmorti
CEO Europe


  • Low number of applicants – Would mostly receive a fewer number of resumes or job applications
  • Collaboration among recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates were complex – existing ATS and CRM weren’t providing a seamless experience to all the stakeholders. Keeping everybody in sync was a getting difficult and time consuming.
  • GDPR processing was manual – GDPR consents for candidates was managed manually. It took away a lot of time and recruiters’ patience, besides slowing down the success of our clients.


  • Post jobs to 2000+ sites – CVViZ is connected with 2000 plus paid and free job posting sites. It also makes sure your job postings are SEO optimized so that they can list under Google for job search.
  • Companies, recruiters, hiring managers, and agencies under one platform CVViZ ATS lets all the stakeholders collaborate seamlessly. Be it sharing resumes, scheduling interviews, or tracking feedback.
  • GDPR Toolkit – Automated every GDPR compliance-related activity in a few clicks.

What made you choose CVViZ ?

” When we started to investigate new systems, we had long nights of brainstorming on what functionalities we really needed because the ATS market is very wide.

Our consultants made a great point to me: they requested some CV screening features and also the possibility to operate almost every daily task within the ATS.

Some of them coming from bigger companies like me were very keen also on having the “in document” search feature and OCR recognition. when we started to search for these features, we immediately realized that CVVIZ was a great tool to not only have both features but bridge them with a smart screening process. We registered for a demo and we liked it immediately. ” said Andrea.

What has been your experience with CVViZ's resume screening feature?

” The intelligent resume screening feature is a great competitive advantage.

Initially, we had to train ourselves to understand it better but then we started to have great benefits. Screening is often an undervalued task in our business for countries with workforce shortages. But when it comes to markets like Italy, UK, and Spain, it’s a great advantage.” said Andrea.

" CVViZ customer support has been very responsive and quick to provide solutions - also on weekends. Absolutely thumbs up. Always available and understanding.." - Andrea sharing his feedback on customer support.

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