Linq closed 24 positions out of 25 using resume screening solution of CVViZ

Linq helps its customers in hiring for virtual assistance roles. They hire globally. They have a remote setup. And they usually get a high volume of resumes every time they post a job. CVViZ not only streamlined its hiring process but also made sure they speak to the most relevant candidates using AI for resume screening.

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Linq Consulting Solutions connects female entrepreneurs to their dream virtual assistants.

Through their proven process they find and evaluate virtual assistants based on scope, skills, and personality fit so you can confidently delegate time-consuming tasks and focus on growing your business.

Loved by female entrepreneurs, Linq Consulting Solutions makes it easy to get the exact help you need without the headache of trial and error or disappointing results.


Linq Consulting Solutions



Seattle, WA, USA



Virtual Assistance Hiring


  • Resume Sorting – With a high volume of candidate applications, we did not have a mechanism to reach the right candidates in the quickest time
  • Resume management was a big challenge – using traditional recruiting tools did not help with duplicate resumes and one candidate applying to multiple positions
  • Mismatch Candidate Skillset – Often candidates with no relevant skills would apply and there was no way to filter out such applications.


  • Resume Screening Using AI – CVViZ’s proprietary resume screening algorithm learns from past hiring decisions and matches the right candidates for the right jobs. 
  • Resume management system let you manage all your resumes in a centralized location. It avoids duplicate resumes. Various stakeholders can define access permissions.
  • Mismatch Candidate Skillset – resume screening functionality goes beyond keyword matching and matches the candidates contextually based on the job description, past hiring decisions, candidate work experience, skills, etc.
" We had to check the resumes one by one and see if the candidates were a good fit for our client. CVViZ made the process easier. We don't have to look at the resumes one by one because it automatically sorts it for us."
Riah Gonzalez
Executive Marketing and Hiring Manager

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