Part 2 :- “Top 26 key reasons driving HR Transformation”

Global giants like Google, Facebook have a different take in HR automation software transformation – with clear business focused talent up-skilling – they are seen as innovators bringing in changes that need horizontal/vertical skills for employees to be multiple role ready – to be #VUCA Compliant. Having a cross cultural mindset reflects the early adoption psyche helping HR Transformation with Productivity of employees as the central theme.#HRTech

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Which gives us the core to these 6 reasons why you should go for HR automation and Transformation

8 Employ Right Tools in the right way:

CEOs,CTOs,CHROs,CIOs and key KRA setting management professional needs to empower workers at all levels by providing them with data and automation software tools for making sound business decisions. The willingness to change and be agile is the key to unlearning and getting insights as to what tool works what part needs improvement. Hence The micro steps in the entire chain of HR Domain needs to be re-configured .

Moreover, organizations need HR to get comfortable in taking decisions in real time, in a distributed way with all the stakeholders need to be in sync, with emphasis on consistent and informed decision making with implementation rather than bottle necked centralized planning and control.


  1. Hire talent which helps in improving and aiding RPA(Robotic Process Automation) in an organisation

The net effect of process shifts will be to replace dominant time consuming operations when the need is shift/move workforce from doing repetitive tasks. The present tools/platforms are incapable of real time agile changes in systems rigidly entwined to the old inefficient processes in response to new data and new processes.

Making changes in approach to hiring right talent , so that the talent deployed is able to handle over a  long term any process changes with high level of comfort with no ambiguity and uncertainty .

  1. Developing and deploying the right talent:

Four core talents will prove vital to being digital: the ability to creative, the ability to unlearn and adapt, the skill to implement data driven decision and the openness to collaborate.

Being digital presumes that employees are able to absorb new knowledge and data, adapt as needed, experiment and learn.

This is true for HR Transformation too : Intelligent processes to map data for decisions will have the greatest impact for HR employees. Thereby stay motivated in the upward learning curve to use data to improve productivity using automation software’s and HR practices rather than merely to execute rules and procedures handed down from above.

  1. Assimilate the right quality of data of your Resources with Agility mindset :

HR Managers will need to be both literate and specific if they are going to support employees in making the most of available data. They are going to be called upon to judge in what the intelligent tools to recommend and what legacy to maintain and what customers need.

They will need to encourage responsible lateral thinking, deal with inevitable failures or breakdowns that experimentation can cause and translate strategic direction into operational action.

Indeed, the transition of management to “being digital” means giving up tight controls, granting a measure of autonomy to operators and designers, shifting the focus from one of rule-following to value-finding, and getting comfortable with experimentalism (the foundation of a data-driven culture). Hard things to automate but key to hr transformation are getting people screened and hired, posting job descriptions, building a career portal gateway – all in synchronized manner.

12 “People-centric” challenges at work to become Workforce Effective:

While there is a need to be sure that parameters of performance management are tracked in a positive way.

Even the Training & OD managers require intelligent systems/tools to be effective in building a pipeline of leaders and executives for Internal Mobility.  By Assessing and strengthening culture of engagement using insights from data using workforce analytic s updated for monthly or quarterly reviews. This would help in understanding attrition and employee productivity to plug the gaps in HR’s effectiveness to prescribe customized individual talent development pathway.

13  Focus on Teams members delivering in Groups  Not just as Individuals : 

Organisations are changing shape to remain agile with every passing month – from having the static hierarchical organisations, to now having, networks of teams agile to Client focused changes in methods of delivering Value to customers’ needs to the continuously changing environment. Mapping skills and having teams that are agile in new complex world towards customer satisfaction.

So far, the old way to focus only on individuals and is often limited to the people on the payroll, but we are seeing the focus of HR shifting away from individuals to improving the teams delivering in business of delivering value to clients. Only those who know the strengths of their teams will survive the onslaught of competition. So having right automation software tools matters !


Amit Gawande

Amit Gawande

Amit Gawande is a Co-Founder of CVViZ, an AI recruiting software. He has more than 15 years of experience in software development and leading large teams. He has built products using NLP and machine learning. He has recruited engineers, programmers, marketing and sales people for his organizations. He believes in using technology for solving real-life problems.

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