How To Hire A Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is an expert in the fields of software, web, and application development. These technical specialists are capable of writing code for both the front end and the back end, necessitating a broad overview of the entire platform.

Full-stack developers create apps that address both user experience and functionality using a variety of technologies and languages, including JavaScript, HTML, and SQL.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that during the next few years, the number of full-stack developer jobs will more than quadruple, going from 135,000 to over 853,000 by 2024. The evidence indicates that company owners will need to hire full-stack web developers from all around the world and not just one region.

Who Is A Full-Stack Developer?

A skilled full-stack developer is comparable to one of those multi-talented artists who are able to act, sing, host a performance, and even produce and direct!

Full stack developers have the ability to create whole applications whether web, mobile, or desktop. They are knowledgeable about servers, databases, APIs, MVC, hosting environments, and both the front-end and back-end.

In layman’s language, an expert who manages both the client-side and server-side of web applications is known as a full-stack developer. They are a member of the web application’s development team that works on each stage of the process.

The finest full-stack engineers are capable of handling anything from server operating installation of the system to building scalable products and project management.

Full stack developers are multitasking programmers who can manage the successful integration of a website or application, to put it another way.

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Why Should You Consider Hiring A Full-Stack developer?

A full-stack developer will:

  • Build highly scalable distributed systems that offer good user experiences and quantifiable company growth by working across the entire stack.
  • Create new features and upgrade infrastructure to meet the needs of rising projects and businesses as they happen
  • Take the helm of new projects from conception to execution.
  • Ensure application performance, uptime, and scale while upholding strict standards for the caliber of the code and the careful planning of the applications.
  • Utilize agile development approaches while following best practices and seeking out opportunities for ongoing learning.

When Should You Hire A Full-Stack Developer?

The demands of the position frequently determine the necessity for a full-stack engineer. There are a few situations where it makes sense to hire a full-stack developer:

1. When you require Product Managers

Product managers can be outstanding full-stack engineers. They are aware of the engineering capabilities while also understanding the business requirements. They are a very important tool when judgments must be made while considering all the factors.

2. When you require an MVP

Full stack developers are your best option if your operation is lean and your company’s goal is to validate ideas by creating a minimum viable product. A full-stack developer’s ideal job would be to take a concept or feature and transform it into a working prototype.

3. When you require a Co-Founder/ Chief Technology Officer(CTO)

Full-stack developers can be excellent CTOs or co-founders if you’re seeking a truly symbiotic collaboration that involves fusing their technological know-how with a common commercial vision.

4. When You Have Cost Constraints

Full-stack developers come to your rescue when you cannot afford to engage a specialist for each stage of the development process. However, competent full-stack developers are not inexpensive. However, hiring one $100,000 full-stack developer is preferable to paying $70,000 each for a front-end, back-end, and network engineer.

How To Hire A Full-Stack Developer?

There are some characteristics and technical abilities you should look for when hiring a full-stack developer.

Basic characteristics you should look for in a full-stack developer:

Look for someone who is: 

  • Is enthusiastic and interested in learning new things and updating oneself
  • Has a thorough understanding of multiple technologies in addition to stacks
  • Can, even if they are unable to address the problem, send you the correct way for a solution.
  • Knows the most recent trends and developments
  • Possesses the ability to see the larger picture, the business’s vision, and the needs of the consumer

Technical skills you should look for in a full stack developer:

Based on the back-end programming language, a fullstack developer can be referred to as Java fullstack developer or Python fullstack developer. However, below are the important full-stack developer skills you should look for –

  • Deep knowledge of Javascript, CSS, and HTML
  • Profound knowledge of back-end programming languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, and Java
  • Should have clarity about deployment and hosting
  • A thorough understanding of databases
  • Strong knowledge of third-party APIs and services
  • Understanding all of the fundamental Git commands and examples
  • Familiarity with the specifics of web architecture
  • Proficiency in both HTTP and REST
  • Software design abilities

Soft Skills You Should Look For In A Full-Stack Developer:

For an ideal full-stack developer, simply having technical skills won’t cut it. The ideal combination of technical knowledge and soft skills is required: 

  • Good time management skills
  • Curiosity for learning
  • Creative vision
  • Patience
  • An analytical bent of mind
  • Attention to detail

Why is Knowledge of Angular Important for A Full-Stack developer?

Angular is important but not really necessary for full-stack development. TypeScript is used to create Angular. This strongly typed language’s benefit is that it helps programmers maintain clear and comprehensible code. Bugs in this language can be easily found and removed as it lets you see frequent mistakes as you type. 

A lot of companies now hire dedicated angular developers, who can create reliable and effective one-page applications (also known as Single Page Applications or SPAs). These developers can also work as full-stack developers. 

Why Is Knowledge Of React Important for A Full-Stack Development?

React is important but not really necessary for full-stack development. React and Node.js combined will be very beneficial for developers building full-stack web applications.

The development of scalable and rapid back-end RESTful APIs is made possible by Node.js.

The front-end library React, on the other hand, produces interactive user interfaces. You can quickly create complicated and scalable web apps using both tools. You may get a good return on investment and save time and money by developing web apps with the help of React and Node.

Why Is Knowledge Of Python Important For A Full-Stack Development?

Python is important but not really necessary for full-stack development. A Python full-stack developer has deep knowledge of making use of the Python language family for all kinds of applications.

One language that enables modern computer systems to run programs and communicate with one another is Python.

Why Is Knowledge Of Node Important For A Full-Stack Developer?

It is necessary that a full-stack developer have knowledge about Node.js. Full stack developers may create fully asynchronous apps thanks to Node. js. By fully utilizing non-blocking programming, they can do this. As a result, it’s possible that the produced apps run concurrently in different processes.

Other qualities of a competent programmer to look for include participation in open source, exposure to other technologies, and prior projects. It is much better if you have some other methods of finding candidates, probably something like sourcing from Github.

The Importance Of Technical Assessment

There are multiple ways you can hire a software developer but the most important phase in your hiring process is the technical assessment of the candidate. After you screen resumes, you may invite most relevant candidates to take the assessment.

The quality of the hire will depend on how you evaluate the applicants.

It could be a complete waste of time to evaluate a full-stack developer using a general algorithmic exam. Instead, present them with a genuine issue so that you can evaluate their technical proficiency across all stacks.


Full Stack Developers are highly qualified professionals that are capable of handling all aspects of web development. They differ from Frontend and Backend Developers since they possess the Full Stack Developer talents that are mentioned above.

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