How Recruiting Software Can Help Newly Formed LLCs Scale?

At the start of 2022, over 1.4 million companies were registered as active in India and the majority of them were MSMEs. In fact, the business blog highlights that 99% of business entities in the country belong to said category. It’s the result of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Act of 2006 which defines the guidelines or roles of registered firms. Being in this bracket means that a business can have 1 to 999 employees.

Among India’s MSMEs, one of the most common business structures is a limited liability company (LLC). This option is chosen primarily because of benefits such as tax flexibility and reduced liability, which include protection from personal debt and legal hearings. It was previously noted here in our post on ‘Things to Consider Before Scaling up Business’ that these advantages make it a good legal structure for small business owners. The versatility it provides allows for relatively easier scaling, which begins with forming or growing the right team.

In today’s recruitment landscape, innovations like AI and machine learning are taking the lead. For instance, CVViZ applies AI technology to establish candidate ranking in real-time. Features like this make recruiting software essential in getting the crème de la crème of talents, ultimately helping a business grow.

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Here are some of the ways this tool can help you scale up your business:

Cost-Cutting on Talent Acquisition

In India, the average cost per hire is Rs.25,500. This amount factors in things like recruitment team overheads, consultant fees, and job portal subscriptions. That’s not to mention the other expenses associated with running LLCs, such as a 25 percent tax on profits. All of this can build up quickly, slowing down any efforts to scale.

Having recruiting software effectively reduces the cost of talent acquisition as it can perform the tasks usually undertaken by multiple staff members. Instead of paying multiple salaries in a recruitment team, for example, you can go with one recruiter and still produce the same output with the help of said software. In another post on ‘Candidate Source Quality,’ we mention that one way to do it is by leveraging source quality metrics to save money. The resources you otherwise use to filter less fitting candidates can be allocated to valuable source channels.

Increased Hiring Efficiency

Our post on Recruitment Management Systems also explains how the recruitment process can be streamlined into three easy steps – extensive job posting, automated screening, and team-based finalization. With a more efficient hiring workflow, new LLCs can have more free time to focus on maximizing those new talents to propel growth.

This is applicable as well if your LLC needs to conduct high-volume hiring. The CVViZ Team listed time limitations as well as back and forth between recruiters and hiring managers among the challenges in this process. Both can be optimized by using recruiting software.

Recruitment Database Management

In most cases, scaling a business means dealing with bigger or more databases and the same is true for LLCs. When you hire employees, you need to ensure that new records for things like compensation and taxes are processed without a hitch. Business advisor explains that these are tracked through an employer ID number (EIN). It’s also called locally a taxpayer ID number (TIN). This is the reference that shows that you’re properly filing requirements on behalf of your employees.

A database for such records can be linked to recruiting software to fetch information such as individual social security numbers (SSN). By centralizing database management, you can eliminate redundant actions and allot more attention to building the business.

Another benefit of recruiting software is in creating a database of active and passive candidates. As discussed here in our post on  Recruitment CRM Software, you can use it to set reminders and maintain relationships with applicants for future considerations. Scaling up the business means creating more jobs, making a database like this a valuable tool for finding the right candidates as quickly as you can.

Stronger Brand

For a fledgling LLC that wants to grow, establishing your brand is an important priority. A vital aspect of this process is how potential candidates see your company. By taking advantage of recruiting software, you can mitigate issues such as late responses to applicants. Even simple things like this can affect your company branding, in turn impacting your attractiveness to top talents. In fact, Dataconomy cited a study indicating that 69% of job seekers consider response time on a hiring decision as something that needs improvement. Without great or even just effective employees, you’re basically self-sabotaging your efforts to scale.

We call it “poor candidate experience” and it should not be taken lightly. Another real-world scenario was a big finance firm in the US and how they were losing top talent to tech companies. Their solution was to strengthen their employer branding. A portal such as your careers page is already an excellent place to do this. You may improve your company’s image by highlighting perks such as flexible remote work arrangements and comprehensive insurance options in job ads.


Using recruiting software for small-medium businesses is a huge advantage in the actual hiring process. Everything above shows how it can positively impact virtually all aspects of your business because at the end of the day, what makes a company is still its people. As a new LLC, this tool gives you another advantage in addition to all the perks that come with the business structure – the best chances of collaborating with brilliant workers while navigating the waters toward prosperity.

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Amit Gawande

Amit Gawande is a Co-Founder of CVViZ, an AI recruiting software. He has more than 15 years of experience in software development and leading large teams. He has built products using NLP and machine learning. He has recruited engineers, programmers, marketing and sales people for his organizations. He believes in using technology for solving real-life problems.

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