7 Benefits of Using Cloud Based Recruitment Software

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cloud based recruitment software

If you are selecting a recruiting software for your company and you are wondering why you should choose a cloud-based recruitment software over traditional on-premise recruitment software, then this article might help you to make a decision.

Many giants in the recruitment technology space are already moving on to the cloud.

Here are 7 advantages of using a cloud based recruitment software.

1. Cloud Based Recruitment Software Takes No Time to Implement

A cloud based recruitment software is hosted on vendor’s (e.g. AWSAzure) premises and accessed through a web browser. It means, it is preinstalled and pre-configured for you. It just needs to be activated.

On-premise software is hosted locally, on the company’s servers. Implementing recruitment software on premise could take a few days with constant support from the tech team.

2. Cloud Based Recruitment Softwares are Low Cost

Cloud based recruitment software also seen as Software As A Service (SaaS) applications are inexpensive. These usually reside on shared architecture.

Also, in general, online recruitment software is priced based on a monthly subscription. Hence, pricing for such software is low. Investment in such technology products is often seen as operational cost than capital cost.

You can always control your spend by controlling your usage of the software. At any point in time, you may decide to increase or decrease the number of users. You basically pay as you go.

3. Cloud Based Recruitment Software can be Accessed from Anywhere, Anytime

Recruitment is a demanding job. You have to be on toes to attract and to engage quality candidates. This is where cloud based software helps you to be on the go.

You need to be always available! Imagine you are out for the conference and you need to access application to finish some job. You can easily do that by using a laptop or smartphone. Achieving the same kind of flexibility with on-premise installation could be very difficult and challenging.

You may have teams seating at various locations across the world. You need not worry about that. Whether you are working from home or traveling or on a business trip, a cloud based recruitment software lets you work from anywhere, anytime with great efficiency. Hence, these are also called as online recruitment software. For example, you might have come across similar experience while accessing portals like Indeed, monster, etc. You can access these applications from anywhere.

4. Cloud Based Recruitment Software is Easy and Inexpensive to try

Every wise buyer always wants to try multiple options before deciding on one. Cloud based recruitment software is easy and inexpensive to try. You can do a proof of concept to test software for its claims.

Some softwares also offer free trials or you may pay for a month usage for very few dollars. You can make your decision after using the product.

This is almost impossible with an on-premise solution. Even if you manage, it is going to cost you lot of money and time.

5. Cloud Based Recruitment Software Upgrades at No Cost

When you use cloud software, you don’t need to worry about your software going outdated. Software patches and updates that are released at regular intervals keep the product upbeat and bug-free. These upgrades are generally released for free.

Costs and efforts associated with cloud based recruitment software upgrades and new releases are much lower.  On the contrary, the traditional on premise model may force their users to buy an upgrade package and install it.

6. Cloud Based Recruitment Software is Easy to Scale

Imagine you have been using your recruiting software for a while and your usage has been going up. You are working on more and more job requisitions, higher volume of candidate applications, etc. You are bound to observe some slowness in your software. Let’s say you need to scale up your hardware to support larger volume and high processing for more volume of work. If you were using on-premise solution, then you need to brace up for larger spends. You may need to buy new and more expensive hardware. This means, your work is impacted for many days and you could lose business.

On the other hand, if you were using cloud based recruitment software then performance issue could be resolved in few minutes to few hours. You do not have to worry about scaling up hardware. Your vendor takes care of it from remote location.

7. Cloud Based Recruitment Software Gives Consistent Performance

With cloud based recruitment software you may scale up or scale down your hardware without much trouble. Hence, it is possible to address performance issues consistently without spending much. It is possible to actively monitor the performance of the software and address issues even before they appear.

Also, cloud based solutions are more secure than ever.


If you go with cloud based recruitment software there is a better chance that you will be happy with your investment into technology because it would be a more tried and tested solution. Even if you realize the solution is not working for you, you can decide to stop using and paying at that moment. The best thing cloud based software offer is flexibility, efficiency, portability, and reliability. Even traditional recruitment software like Taleo seems to consider a similar approach.

Amit Gawande

Amit Gawande

Amit Gawande is a Co-Founder of CVViZ, an AI recruiting software. He has more than 15 years of experience in software development and leading large teams. He has built products using NLP and machine learning. He has recruited engineers, programmers, marketing and sales people for his organizations. He believes in using technology for solving real-life problems.
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