3 Basic Signs Company Needs a Recruitment Software

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The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” – Bill Gates, Microsoft

You need to have a collaborative hiring process.” – Steve Jobs, Apple

Hiring RIGHT people has always been the key ingredient in the success of any company. Yet, hiring or recruitment process is still one of the most loosely managed function in many organizations.

Here are basic 3 signs that may help you assess your existing recruitment process.

1. You are always struggling to collaborate

Does this sound familiar?

  • It took me 4 hours to search these 15 candidates!
  • So many resumes to screen!
  • I have to call 40 candidates to see if they are interested
  • I don’t know if that candidate is available for an interview?
  • Ohh – i never got a feedback from hiring manager!
  • Did i send her an offer?
  • Oh – this tracker was never updated?
  • Have we already interviewed this candidate last month ?

And you are using emails, spreadsheets, shared folders to manage all of these ?

What’s wrong in using spreadsheets? Nothing! It is probably one of the best softwares built. But it’s not best for a complex collaborative efforts such as recruitment process. If you use spreadsheets for recruitment process, you are bound to make mistakes or forget things.

If you are spending majority of your time in just creating trackers or updating those, then you are delaying the opportunity of finding RIGHT talent. You should rather be spending time in engaging best candidates and moving forward.

Recruitment software can automate all your daily tasks. It can send email, schedule interview, parse resume, screen resume, call candidates, etc.  It can take away most of your struggles and improve your productivity by 84%.

2. You are heavily dependent on Job Boards for finding candidates

Every time there is a new opening you tend to jump on to job board to find candidates?

Below could be the reasons for that –

A. searching candidates in your existing database (multiples shared folders) takes hours and hours

Search functionality that your desktop provides is extremely basic. And hence recruiter has to run multiple iterations to find relevant resumes.

On the contrary, recruitment software with advanced tech like elastic search can throw results in fraction of a second!

B. Inviting Resumes over email means lot of screening work

“We have this great opportunity. If you are interested please send your resume to hello@cvviz.com”  One of the most common methods for inviting applications. There are few basic challenges with that –

  • You have to download those resumes manually into a folder
  • You may end up receiving many irrelevant resumes. On an average a job opening can fetch about 250 resumes.
  • You have to screen resumes manually to decide which all are relevant
  • Process is extremely manual and time consuming

Recruitment software can do this for you in a blink of an eye. It can certainly save 80% of your resume screening time. Not only recruitment software automatically downloads those resumes for you, but also uploads those in a shared folder or over cloud. Advanced AI recruitment softwares can go further and perform resume screening for you.

C. Using Social Media Platforms to extend your reach

Today, social media is probably one of the fastest medium to engage right talent. Again, you are afraid to use this because you have to

  • manually advertise jobs every time on LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, etc
  • receive resumes via email

Recruitment software can easily help you post this jobs on various social media platforms at a click of a button. Candidate can learn about the job and apply right there! Therefore it also makes sure of great candidate engagement. Another advantage is that you can attract passive candidates.

3. Your Company Career page manually updated

You never get a second chance to make First impression” – Will Rogers

So True! Your company’s career page is way to make first impression on your future employees. And it’s one of the most neglected page on the company website too!

Most importantly, do you know that leading job boards may be crawling jobs on your career page? This helps driving more and more candidates to your company website.

Recruitment software automates everything for your career page. It keeps all your jobs updated. Besides that, it also helps you in creating most relevant and appealing job descriptions for the jobs. Basically it helps you improve candidate engagement.

This is a complex job. Remember recruitment process is a heavily collaborative effort. Recruitment software or Applicant Tracking System, ATS, can automate all your mundane, repetitive tasks. It improves your productivity 10 times! It can help you in engaging or recruiting best talent much faster.blog_footer_1 Recruitment

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