Top Recruitment Software For Talent Acquisition in 2018

Recruitment Software is the backbone for efficient, productive and smooth conduct of the recruitment cycle at every organization.While there are many recruitment software’s available in the market, We curated a list of few top recruitment software that you might want to explore.

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Top Recruitment Software 2018

There are many functions into recruitment process such as candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, candidate management, interviewing, etc. Based on the function, we would broadly look at key players in most of these categories.

Job Boards

Job boards lie at the heart of the hiring ecosystem and act like the nerver center for all the recruitment softwares. It is where all the candidates go to upload their resumes. They have transformed the recruitment landscape since their inception couple of decades back when the only source of job opportunities were career pages in newspapers . Today, there are lot of job boards in the market some established, some trying to find their feet, some are industry specific, some cater to fresher’s and some for blue collared jobs. While there are many in the market and each of us might rank them differently or have different opinions I have listed below the established portals that get the job done for the recruiters after talking to many recruiters.

1. LinkedIn

Initially what started as a professional networking platform has branched out as talent solutions and acquisition platform, with global outreach it is definitely a platform which all serious recruiters not only use for talent acquisition but also for candidate validation or social profiling.

2. Indeed

Indeed has become the number one job board in US recently. It took over its rival Indeed is getting very aggressive in mapping other geographies with its current presence in 60 countries and 28 languages. If we think globally there is none single player who leads this segment. If you think about Australia it is, in India it is where as has leading presence in many regions. However, it is also been acquired by some of its direct or indirect competitors like Randstand.

Soon we will see two new giants at loggerheads viz. Google for Jobs and Facebook for Job search. How this is going to play out and how this will impact traditional job boards needs to be seen!

Candidate Assessment

This space in the recruitment software is definitely being keenly being watched by recruiters as it does help them reduce or filter the candidates that meet the skill requirements for the requisition. Assessment during the hiring stage does bring in validation of the skills for the candidates. With no of applicants per job crazy high platforms in this space are in high demand.

  1. iMocha

iMocha has over 1000+ ready skill tests, advanced simulators and excellent support in creation of custom tests. iMocha helps hiring managers and recruiters to objectively quantify skill in initial level of candidate interaction.

  1. Hacker Rank.

Hacker Rank focuses on competitive programming challenges for both consumers and businesses, where developers compete by trying to program according to provided specifications.


Mettl established in 2010 is a platform for testing and assessment. It has clients from global enterprises to educational institutions and has presence in over 80 countries.

  1. Wheebox

With assessments spread across 9 different Verticals and a total 107 different tests you will pretty much find test for most of your assessment requirements here.

5. Xobin

Xobin is a new entry to assessment based evaluation platform. They offer technical as well as Psycometric tests.

Well we would like to mention here that CVViZ as recruitment software tool does provide a cool feature of code editor which is integrated with the video interview tool. The interviewer can get the candidate to code live during the interview.

AI & Recruitment Automation

Time-constrained recruiting departments are on the hunt for the best innovations in recruitment software industry to help them succeed. Many of these innovations leverage AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing to streamline or automate parts of the recruiting workflow.Recruitment software with AI and automation are changing the recruiting landscape as they bring in efficiency and can eliminate bias.

  1. CVViZ

CVVIZ uses AI to source, screen and rank the candidates from your data sources. CVViZ can be integrated and can sit on top of your existing ATS. AI and NLP are the soul of the Cloud based platform which makes it a three click process for any recruiter to start engaging with the right candidate. With AI picking up in the space of talent acquisition, you will see more and more such AI powered recruiting software in the top recruitment software list.

  1. Mya

Mya Is a Recruiting chat bot which interacts with the candidates acts as a virtual recruiter. Chatbots can be used for phone screening and interview scheduling.

  1. Talkpush.

Talkpush uses Automation and Ai for creating engaging and responsive communication between candidates and recruiters through Social media, chat and voice.

Applicant Tracking Systems or Recruiting Softwares

Applicant tracking systems are the big boys of the recruitment software industry. They have been around for some time. ATS like Job boards were the foundations laid for recruitment software industry which we see today. As most of these ATS are now going browser based these are also known as online recruitment software.

  1. Taleo

Taleo had about 25% market share is the leading software in the ATS segment couple of years ago. Oracle built this ATS. However, it is continuously being challenged by new upcoming recruiting softwares. There market share has gone down by about 6%. Taleo will have to really bring their A game if they want to be in top recruitment software list.

  1. Greenhouse Software

In 2018 according to ONGIG had about 8.63% of market share in the ATS market. Greenhouse is an integrated platform that streamlines various recruiting activities including planning hiring processes, sourcing job applications, managing interview rounds and organizing post-hiring activities. Greenhouse has really moved up in the top recruitment software list. Their market share also moved up by about 2% which is great!

  1. iCims

ICIMS is a cloud-based ATS solutions. ICIMS provides tools for recruiters and hiring managers from recruiting talent to on boarding new hires.

  1. Jobvite

Enables users to manage hiring processes including task distribution among recruiters, screening, interviewing etc.  It’s suitable for midsize and enterprise recruiting companies. The solution offers a variety of tools for managing the on boarding experience and compliance.

Video Interviewing

Recruitment software with video interviewing brings in candidate validation, improves candidate engagement cuts the logistic costs for companies and can be flexible for both the recruiter and the candidate. They can be On-demand avoiding the hassles of traditional F2F interviews.

  1. EasyHire

It’s a Cloud based online video assessment platform with features like analytics, personality insights, team collaboration and many more.

  1. CVViZ

The platform CVViZ comes with video interviewing capabilities through skype integration. The video interview platform also comes with integrated code editor for live technical assessments.

  1. Wepow

Wepow comes with mobile and video capabilities for interviewing, this helps create better candidate engagement and improves recruiter efficiency and productivity.

With growing popularity of video interview tools, we may see more and more such platforms making their way into top recruitment software list.

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