7 Benefits of Using Cloud Based Recruitment Software

If you are selecting a recruiting software for your company and you are wondering why you should choose a cloud based recruitment software over traditional on-premise recruitment software, then this article might help you to make a decision. Many giants in the recruitment technology space are already moving on cloud. Here are 7 advantages of […]

3 Key Things to Consider While Buying Recruitment SoftwareApplicant Tracking System Guide

Job of a Recruitment software is to organize your recruitment process.  Every organization has a different way of handling recruitment. Your decision of buying a recruitment software will depend on multiple factors. Factors such as nature of your business, size of your organization, geographic presence, etc. e.g. if you are a startup or a small to […]

5 Ways Recruitment Technology Can Transform Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment process is a complex process. It needs lot of collaboration and co-ordination.However, recruitment technology such as smart ATS or smart recruitment software can help you to improve recruitment process. Here are 5 ways in which recruitment technology can streamline hiring process for you. 1. Open Job Requisitions First step in any recruitment process is […]

How To Write A Good Job Description That Attracts Best Candidates

What Is Job Description A job description is a document that clearly lists the roles and responsibilities, duties, job title of the job position. It also includes job specification such as qualification, skills required for the job. A more detailed job description would also share company vision, company culture, benefits to its employees, etc. Job […]

Top Candidate Sourcing Strategies to Attract Top Talent

Candidate sourcing is about sourcing qualified candidates for your company. Although, there is a big talent pool out there, not all of them are looking for new jobs. Some are open to good opportunities but not actively looking; also called as passive candidates. So, how do you reach out to active and passive candidates? What […]

How AI In Recruitment Shaping Up

Today is an era of Artificial intelligence(AI), Machine learning, Robotic Process Automation.  AI is changing our lives in a multitude of different ways. AI is changing the way you work in your daily life. Far from being a vision of the future, AI is already making life a little bit easier in the office and […]

4 Game Changing Elements in Recruitment Automation

What is Recruitment Automation Recruitment automation is achieved by using technology to automate most of recruiting workflows and tasks to improve recruiters and hiring managers productivity. Automated recruiting workflows also help in reducing time to hire, improving quality of hire and improving many other important parameters related to recruiting. Applicant Tracking System, ATS,  or recruitment […]

3 Basic Signs Company Needs a Recruitment Software

“The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” – Bill Gates, Microsoft “You need to have a collaborative hiring process.” – Steve Jobs, Apple Hiring RIGHT people has always been the key ingredient in the success of any company. Yet,  recruitment process is still one of the most loosely managed function […]

Top Recruitment Software For Talent Acquisition in 2018recruitment strategies

Recruitment Software is the backbone for efficient, productive and smooth conduct of the recruitment cycle at every organization.While there are many recruitment software’s available in the market, We curated a list of few top recruitment software that you might want to explore. Top Recruitment Software 2018 There are many functions into recruitment process such as […]