AI Recruiting Technology Terms You Want To Know

Not long ago imagining role of AI in recruitment was considered novel. Well, today, it is not. Interest in the field of AI recruiting technology is growing rapidly. Companies are investing into innovative technology solutions to become more efficient and productive. With ever increasing interest in the field of AI, it would be good to […]

3 Advantages of Using AI for Resume Screening

Resume screening is a process where you identify if the candidate is suitable for the role or not. It has been a manual process for decades. An ATS or recruiting software may act as resume screening software too. However, most of these softwares use keyword matching methods which are error prone. AI in recruitment have […]

AI Recruiting Software – What It Means For Recruitment Process

AI recruiting software is no more a newbie.  I remember back in 2015 when i would discuss possible role of AI in recruitment, people would often play it down. In 2016, they started paying some attention. Today, where some companies are adopting it many companies are running proof of concepts (POC) or pilots to see […]

8 Important Features To Look For In An Online Recruitment Software

Recruitment process demands precise coordination. It involves many stakeholders. Hence, you should be using recruitment technology such as online recruitment software to help you achieve most of your goals with ease. While there are many options out there, let’s look at what are the important features that every recruitment software must have. What is an […]

7 Benefits of Using Cloud Based Recruitment Software

If you are selecting a recruitment software for your company and you are wondering why you should choose a cloud based recruitment software over traditional on-premise recruitment software then this article might help you to make a decision. Many giants in the recruitment technology space are already moving on cloud. Here are 7 advantages of […]

3 Key Things to Consider While Buying Recruitment Software

Job of a Recruitment software is to organize your recruitment process.  Every organization has a different way of handling recruitment. Your decision of buying a recruitment software will depend on multiple factors. Factors such as nature of your business, size of your organization, geographic presence, etc. e.g. if you are a startup or a small to […]

5 Ways Recruitment Technology Can Transform Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment process is a complex process. It needs lot of collaboration and co-ordination.However, recruitment technology such as smart ATS or smart recruitment software can help you to improve recruitment process. Here are 5 ways in which recruitment technology can streamline hiring process for you. 1. Open Job Requisitions First step in any recruitment process is […]

4 Game Changing Elements in Recruitment Automation

Applicant Tracking System, ATS,  or recruitment software began recruitment automation in 90’s.  Things have changed since then. Today, robotic process automation, RPA, is becoming the norm in every industry. AI is making its way in every sector for productivity gains. AI in recruitment is no exception! We believe below 4 are new AI elements that […]

Top Recruitment Software For Talent Acquisition in 2018recruitment strategies

Recruitment Software is the backbone for efficient, productive and smooth conduct of the recruitment cycle at every organization.While there are many recruitment software’s available in the market, We curated a list of few top recruitment software that you might want to explore. Top Recruitment Software 2018 There are many functions into recruitment process such as […]