Part 4 :- “Top 26 key reasons driving HR Transformation”

21 #HRTech delivers on Speed means the Velocity — The pace at which the old operations are done with the automation and without the automation : HR professionals have to start working backwards like Project Management Professionals in harnessing the Speed or Velocity at which the required number of tasks are achieved  pre and post the […]

Part 3 :- “Top 26 key reasons driving HR Transformation”

If you haven’t read the previous parts in this series, you can read it here : part 1 – Top 26 key reasons driving HR Transformation and  part 2 – Top 26 key reasons driving HR Transformation, where I have discussed various aspects about talent recruitment. 14  Underestimating the power of new #HRTech in improving ROI :  Underestimating the potential return on […]

Part 2 :- “Top 26 key reasons driving HR Transformation”

Global giants like Google, Facebook have a different take in HR automation software transformation – with clear business focused talent up-skilling – they are seen as innovators bringing in changes that need horizontal/vertical skills for employees to be multiple role ready – to be #VUCA Compliant. Having a cross cultural mindset reflects the early adoption […]

Notice Period from 3 months to 1 month. Why It may NOT happen?recruitment strategies

In last few weeks I read many compelling posts about recruitment strategies and  how candidates turning down offers just few days prior to joining date. You can feel the frustration of a recruiter in those posts. At the same time, candidates (in general; not the one who did it) have defended this act with some […]

Top 26 Key Reasons driving HR Transformation

Innovation with Digital Transformation has become an integral part of our everyday work. Any vertical (IT, BFSI, Manufacturing,etc) or horizontal(Mktg,IT,Finance or HR),there is always an inertia to use automation software which take away the repetitive daily work so whether it is MarTech or FinTech and more recently #HRTech. The new advances in technology and data analytics […]