Is Your Competition Hiring Best Candidates Before You Do ?

“Who isn’t scared of competition? … probably Everyone!” Recruitment is a very, very competitive space. Everyone wants to hire best candidates. And everyone wants to reach them before their competition. Companies or recruitment agencies work on different strategies to hire best talent. But they often fall short for various reasons. In an attempt to understand […]

AI Recruiting Technology Terms You Want To Know

Not long ago imagining role of AI in recruitment was considered novel. Well, today, it is not. Interest in the field of AI recruiting technology is growing rapidly. Companies are investing into innovative technology solutions to become more efficient and productive. With ever increasing interest in the field of AI, it would be good to […]

Why It Takes Long For Recruitment and Selection of RIGHT Candidate ?

Why It Takes Long For Recruitment and Selection of RIGHT Candidate ? Are these conversations sound familiar? –      “Why have you called me for Java Middleware Position? If you read my resume you can find I am primarily a Database Developer!” (reaching out to wrong candidates?) –      “I haven’t actually worked on that skill. I just attended […]

Notice Period from 3 months to 1 month. Why It may NOT happen?recruitment strategies

In last few weeks I read many compelling posts about recruitment strategies and  how candidates turning down offers just few days prior to joining date. You can feel the frustration of a recruiter in those posts. At the same time, candidates (in general; not the one who did it) have defended this act with some […]