Why It Takes Long to Recruit RIGHT Candidate

Are these conversations sound familiar? –      “Why have you called me for Java Middleware Position? If you read my resume you can find I am primarily a Database Developer!” (reaching out to wrong candidates?) –      “I haven’t actually worked on that skill. I just attended one training session on that technology” (relying Read more…

By Amit Gawande, ago

Top 26 Key Reasons driving HR Transformation

Top 26 Reasons driving HR Transformation Innovation with Digital Transformation has become an integral part of our everyday work. Any vertical (IT, BFSI, Manufacturing,etc) or horizontal(Mktg,IT,Finance or HR),there is always an inertia to use tools which take away the repetitive daily work so whether it is MarTech or FinTech and Read more…

By Chetan Ahuja, ago